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How to get to Ravello...

From the North

Coming from North (A1 Sun Highway) you want to take the A30 Highway exit Pagani/Nocera. Afterwards you want to follow the directions to Costiera Amalfitana/Ravello reaching the Valico di Chiunzi up to Ravello.

From Salerno

Take the state street 163 as far as Minori. Follow the main coast street up to Castiglione, then turn right following the uphill way to Ravello for 5 Km.

How to get to "I Limoni" B&B...

From the main Ravello street take the downhill way to S.Cosma direction Torello. Keep going down to the street up a small parking slot near a white house. Leave the car, call us, and we will be glad to take you and your luggage to our amazing farm. From this point the access to it will be possible only through a characteristic rural down stair.


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 Links and useful numbers:

Tourist Info Points : Azienda Autonoma Soggiorno e Turismo di Ravello Via Roma, 18 bis -   84010 Ravello (Salerno) - Italia Phone: +39 089 857096 - Fax +39 089 857977  www.ravellotime.it

Bus and Taxis:

  • Taxis Service in Ravello at: Piazza Duomo, Gradillo, San Giovanni del Toro, Castiglione

Boats: Sea Metro - phone: 199 446644 -  www.metrodelmare.com (from Amalfi to Salerno, Pompei, Sorrento, Napoli, Paestum)





Via Gradoni 14, San Cosma - 84010 Ravello

Amalfi Coast (SA) - Italia

phone +39 089 858275  -  cell. 339 4278084

e-mail: info@bb-ilimoni.com